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About Us

What We Are Not

We are not a news publication. There are many great websites that covers up-to-date New York City news such as New York Times, New York Daily News, Gothamist, The City, NY1 and many more.

We are not a tourist attraction, travel website. There are also many great websites that cover this topic very well including, NYCGO, City Guide NY, NYC Tourist, I Love NY and many more as you'll soon find out. If you are interested in NYC food one of the best website is Eater NY.

We are also not a personal blog. There are many New Yorkers that have created awesome blogs about their lifestyle, fashion tastes, New York food and general life in New York City. The best way to discover these types of blogs is by checking out "Top 100 New York Blogs".


What We Are

We love stories! Stories connect people together, it helps us form bonds in some of the most unusual way and they are just awesome. What better place to hear stories than from residents of the #1 city in the country? New York City is filled with excitement and interesting lifestyles and experiences. We also wanted to hear what New Yorkers had to say about different topics. Some of these topics involve major news stories and others can be as silly as a funny text message they've received.

 Our main goal is to be 100% raw & real, as only New Yorkers know how to be. Although we like to hear stories of excitement, fun, love & success stories...some New Yorkers have very different experiences and view about the city. Their stories and opinions are just as valuable as the next person. So we hope that you enjoy New York Stories and hope that it lives up to our expectations and you find the stories & opinions as interesting as we do.