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  • Love story in NYC

    Lost Then Found Love

    I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you feel like things aren’t going your way when in fact, things are actually working in your favor. I didn’t always think that way but a chance encounter with...

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  • homeless in nyc

    Kindness on 42nd Street

    I witnessed one of the most memorable acts of kindness I have ever seen, one fall day on 42nd Street. It was late into the fall season and just starting to get chilly. I was having "one of those days"...

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  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy & Rockaway Beach

    I lived here once before. Near 116th Beach Street to be exact. I remember thinking how cool it was that I could take 10 steps left from the building entrance door before feeling the soft, warm sand under my feet....

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  • NYU Hospital incident

    How I Almost let a Child get Kidnapped

    A couple of months ago I had just started working at the NYU hospital as a researcher. I was researching patients, mostly children, with rare mental disorders. I remember the incident happening on a Friday afternoon only because this happened...

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  • NYC Subway Death

    I Witnessed An Accidental Subway Death

    My roommate Tommy and I lived on the Upper West Side.  We went out to celebrate the fact the startup we were working for had just received a large investment that promised to propel it to the next level.  After...

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