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Washington Heights Bodega NYC

Washington Heights Bodega Story

Many things that occur in New York will leave you speechless. That was the case, on this one Summer day around Washington Heights area in New York City. If you are not aware, Bodegas ( Spanish Grocery stores) usually become more of a hang out spot than they are actual stores, especially once the weather starts getting good. This day checked all the boxes for a day filled with people. Dominoes being played in the back of the store, Customers drinking beer in the front of the store, Spanish music playing loud as can be outside of a large speaker.

Everything seemed to be going well until this one guy came into the store (Obviously impaired) and was screaming to the cashier at the counter to get the owner. " He owes me 70 Dollars," said the man in an aggressive manner. As the cashier tries to calm the man down, he threatens to jump over the counter and shoot everybody in the store. As his aggression starts to escalate, You see the owner come out the back of the store with what appeared to be a large object in his hands. From a distance the owner screamed, "I will only tell you one time to leave my store". The way the owner said it with such mild-mannerism, I knew he meant business.

The man's intensity only heightened once seeing the owner and he started cursing at him with no regard. Suddenly without notice, the owner charged at the man who, I have to repeat, is impaired and swings a machete still in the holster. When he landed that hit, the aggressive impaired man banged his head against the front door near the register, and immediately started to gush blood. From the look of it, I thought the owner accidentally killed the guy. The man seemed to be on the floor for eternity.

The owner, still with a very calm demeanor says" you see what you made me do because you can't get off the drugs! Every time you come here making a scene and I told you the last time if you did it again you would pay". One of the patrons who seems to be very close to the owner shouts "You warned him last week and he did not listen, you got what you ask for." The lady at the cashier was shaking and very nervous when all of this was going on while others really had no reaction at all.

The interesting part of this situation is how people rarely showed emotion throughout this situation. There were no cops called. No one attempted to help the impaired-aggressive man bleeding from his head, laying unresponsive. It just seemed like because it didn't concern them on a personal level, it wasn't their problem. This is New York. The reaction and act itself is New York. Visitors were walking over his body as if nothing happened.

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