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  • Washington Heights Bodega NYC

    Washington Heights Bodega Story

    Many things that occur in New York will leave you speechless. That was the case, on this one Summer day around Washington Heights area in New York City. If you are not aware, Bodegas ( Spanish Grocery stores) usually become...

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  • Love story in NYC

    Lost Then Found Love

    I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you feel like things aren’t going your way when in fact, things are actually working in your favor. I didn’t always think that way but a chance encounter with...

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  • homeless in nyc

    Kindness on 42nd Street

    I witnessed one of the most memorable acts of kindness I have ever seen, one fall day on 42nd Street. It was late into the fall season and just starting to get chilly. I was having "one of those days"...

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  • NYU Hospital incident

    How I Almost let a Child get Kidnapped

    A couple of months ago I had just started working at the NYU hospital as a researcher. I was researching patients, mostly children, with rare mental disorders. I remember the incident happening on a Friday afternoon only because this happened...

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