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Love story in NYC

Lost Then Found Love

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you feel like things aren’t going your way when in fact, things are actually working in your favor. I didn’t always think that way but a chance encounter with my future wife changed all of that.
downtown orlando florida
Downtown Orlando, Florida

I’m originally from Orlando Florida. The sunshine state generously provided amazing beaches, beautiful palm trees, and of course incredibly warm weather which spoiled me rotten. I was suddenly yanked away from my spoiled life when an aunt became ill and I reluctantly volunteered to travel to New York to check on her. Since I work from my computer and could pretty much move around however I wanted, a trip to New York didn’t sound that bad. Plus, I had never been there before so I looked forward to the experience.

No one warned me about the insanely complicated NYC commute. My mother had set up the travel plans and gave me contact numbers but it was still more confusing than I expected. Even trying to find my way out of Port Authority proved to be an adventure. I got lost twice before I even left the station.

When I finally made it to the street the next step was to get a cab. There were plenty of them out there but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do it like in the movies and lift my arm while screaming ‘TAXI’ or just jump in one. This was way before Uber, so my options were limited. It was either a taxi or a bus.
Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC
Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC

I decided to just hop in one and passed the address to the driver. He knew exactly where I was going but although we were close, the traffic was so terrible it still took an hour. On top of that, the car smelled like he used the backseat for a bathroom. I made it to my destination in one piece, then relayed the eventful trek through Port Authority and the nauseating cab ride to my aunt who laughed heartily for 5 minutes straight.

“Welcome to New York,” she laughed.

Welcome To New York
Her nurse came at 8 the next morning. I had no idea that she had one, and even more surprising was how attractive she was. I was stunned by her beauty and instantly knew I could spend the rest of my life peering into her captivating light brown eyes. At the time though, I was more concerned with finding someplace to eat because all my aunt had was soup and vegetables.

Auntie thought it would be a good idea if her nurse escorted me to a restaurant. Apparently, she didn’t trust me to make it back on my own. I had to agree. I also wanted to get some time alone with the woman who inadvertently had me madly in love.

From that first day we spent together until today we have never left each other’s side. I was supposed to only stay a week but stayed a month, then came back a month later and never left. We cried together when my aunt died and have shared many wonderful years. A chance trip to New York turned into the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

“Everything happens for a reason,” as my wife would say.


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