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NYC Dinner Date

3 Dinner Dates, 3 Neighborhoods, 1 Night

The weekend was approaching and I was thinking it was going to be just another Friday night. Oh, was I so wrong! That morning I got to work and started typing away on my laptop. I was excited for  tonight. Like every Friday night, I had dinner plans with my closest friends. It was like a little tradition of ours. We reserved a table at Yefsi Estiatorio, a Greek restaurant, for 8 pm. We were going to get together, update each other on our week, and have fun.

Yefsi Estiatorio

Yefsi Estiatorio Restaurant, New York City

During the day at work, everything was running smoothly. Around 4 pm I was packing up all my stuff and getting ready to go home, when my boss at the time, stopped me. He tells me we’re having a dinner meeting tonight at 7 pm at Lucciola, and that it was mandatory. Lucciola, an Italian restaurant, is located in the Upper West Side, while my dinner date with friends was in the Upper East Side at 8 pm. I had no choice but to attend the dinner meeting, and of course I didn’t want to cancel my girls night out. So I thought to myself, this isn’t as bad as it seems. I could be a little late to my dinner date with friends. They would understand. So I FaceTime each of my friends while I was walking to the subway station and they were all cool with me being a little late.

As soon as I got home from work, I received a call from my parents. I was updating them on my life and so on. My Dad proceeds to tell me a cousin of mine was coming into town for personal reasons and that she needed to be picked up from the airport at around 10 pm. He told me she was going to be in town for just the weekend and of course he nonchalantly forced me to be her NYC personal tour guide. My parents told my cousin that I would pick her up from the airport and take her out to dinner that same night. I’ve only met her twice and I barely knew her. My Dad already made plans for me and did not even ask if I was busy! I had no choice but to agree with all the plans they made since my cousin knew no one but me in NYC. To make matters worse I had to choose a place to take my cousin out for dinner, make reservations, and do it all quickly. Her hotel was in midtown and so I thought to choose a restaurant in the same neighborhood.

Time was of the essence and I had to start getting ready. It was already a quarter to 6. So I hopped in the shower, got out, frantically got dressed, and started doing my hair/makeup. I had to start preparing for the meeting and make sure I brought everything I needed. Once I did, I was out the door and getting on the train. When I got to Facciola, I realized I didn’t have any time to look for places to eat for my cousin and I. My boss, our clients, and other colleagues of mine arrived one by one. The dinner meeting was going great, but I couldn’t help but feel exhausted at the thought of my plans for the rest of the night. It was almost 8 pm and the meeting still wasn’t over. I had to excuse myself to let my friends know about the whole ordeal with my cousin. I told them I might be even more late because I had to go home and get my car so that I could go pick up my cousin after our dinner date.

Dinner With My Boss

I went back to the dinner meeting and while I was sitting next to my boss, I texted him telling him I had to get my car and etc. I had to excuse myself from the meeting and quickly get back on the train home. I got home, quickly changed, and then got in my car and drove to my dinner date with friends. It was about 8:30PM and my friends were waiting for me so we can all order. I didn’t have much time to enjoy girls night out, since I had to drive all the way to John F. Kennedy International Airport and with traffic. I had to order fast, eat fast, and talk fast. My friends could see that I was stressed and anxious, but they all tried to make me relax, unwind, and have fun anyways. At around 9:15PM, I left the restaurant and was heading to the airport. It was no surprise I was stuck in traffic and you could imagine how frustrated I was. I thought I was going to have a normal Friday evening of relaxation and it was the complete opposite!

I finally got to the airport and parked, waiting for my cousin to call. It was almost 10:30PM when she finally got out of the airport. I quickly helped her with her luggage and got back on the highway towards Midtown. We were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. I thought to myself "When was this day going to end!" Once we finally arrived at her hotel, I remembered I didn’t make any reservation for dinner. Then I came up with an idea to take her to a diner and call it a night. So that’s what we did. We had dinner...well I had dinner for the third time that night, and it was almost 12AM midnight. After dinner with my cousin, I showed her a bit of Times Square, Bryant Park, 5th Ave and other tourist spots. I dropped her off and then drove home. We planned for the next day to grab lunch and go sight seeing and etc. It was almost 3:00AM when I got to my apartment. All I could remember when I got home was that I fell face first on my pillow and woke up still exhausted the next morning.

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