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  • Washington Heights Bodega NYC

    Washington Heights Bodega Story

    Many things that occur in New York will leave you speechless. That was the case, on this one Summer day around Washington Heights area in New York City. If you are not aware, Bodegas ( Spanish Grocery stores) usually become...

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  • Racial Mud Slinging

    Racial Mud Slinging

    Call me Opie from Maybury if you have to, but a few years ago I remember seeing an argument explode between a very American sounding black man, and a brown-skinned man with a white beard, turban, and thick foreign accent,...

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  • NYC Graffiti Artist Story

    A Night to Forget

    Growing up in Brooklyn, there wasn’t a lot to do after school. I tried my hand at sports, namely basketball because I was always the tall kid—I sucked. I tried an acting class, but I hated it. I just wanted...

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  • nyc blackout 2003

    NYC Blackout of 2003

    On August 14, 2003 there was a widespread power outage throughout the Northeast.  I was working for a film studio in midtown, and remember seeing the fluorescent overhead lights flicker and go out, followed by my computer screen shutting down. ...

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  • NYC Train Yard

    The Steel Giants

    I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the train yard. Graffiti shaped my life. It gave me a perspective while I was running around New York as a kid. It was my life’s work. In graffiti, there are...

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  • Thank You New York!

    Thank You New York!

    I do not like cities. I need wide-open spaces with plenty of trees and lush foliage. I need a porch swing and a clear view of the stars. I relish sitting in the dark, listening to the sounds of the...

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  • permission paint nyc

    Permission Paint

    Now that I have chilled out, and I have a job, a kid, and a life to try and facilitate, I have calmed down on the graffiti front. I still catch tags, and I will until the day I die,...

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