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Central Park NYC

The Whole New World I Discovered in Central Park

Working in New York can at times be draining and you can easily get lost in the routine of waking up, going to work and then doing it all over again. It can especially be taxing if you are a foreigner trying to make a living in the city, mostly if you have to connect more than one job to make ends meet, which is the case for most people. This was the routine I sadly fell into immediately once I got to New York and was unable to find any free time to do anything for myself. This habit led to a bit of depression and some mental health issues that forced me to take some time off from work. Over this period I started walking around the city to relieve stress and that was how I found myself in Central Park.

Sky view of Central Park, New York City
Sky View of Central Park, New York City

The place was totally magical and it blew my mind right off. For starters the park is huge and there were so many people there. There is a place for everyone from the elderly to toddlers, everybody has something to do in central park. Everywhere my head turned something amazing was happening or there was something absolutely surreal to gaze at. Getting lost in the park is very easy and I mean both technically and literally.

People were walking their pets and playing with them. The children and toddlers have a small area where they can play like kids without interfering ring with adults and vice versa. In another area, both children and adults can enjoy a carousel together. As you walk along the park you come across people playing different types of instruments, some do solo performances while others join together to form a band of sorts. Dancers can sometimes be seen dancing to these tunes and entertaining the passing crowds even more. The Wollman Rink provides an amazing ice-skating rink for winter and roller skating the rest of the year.

Residents of New York walking their dogs in Central Park
Residents of New York walking their dogs in Central Park

My favorite was the mall which is flanked by elm trees and statues of renowned writers on the literal walk. The wide pathway is amazing for walks and has a peaceful aura suitable for unwinding and clearing one’s thoughts. The Delacorte Theater presents free Shakespeare during summer, while family puppet shows are presented by the Swedish Cottage Marionette. For those who love history, the American Museum of Natural History is dedicated to natural science and human nature and boasts a collection of more than 33 million artifacts. The metropolitan museum of art is also found in this magical park showcasing nearly every part of the globe and all historical eras.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

To be truly honest with you, you cannot just discover the entire park in a single day. You will just exhaust yourself and maybe get yourself a bit lost. If you do not have a lot of time to explore the park for several days, there are carriages that can take you around for a guided tour. But for most new Yorkers the park is mostly for recreation, unwinding, family time, and an amazing spot for a morning or evening run. Walking into the park for the first time you will truly believe that you have stepped into a new world altogether.

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