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PussyCat Cinema NYC

Photos: The Grand Pussycat Cinema, Circa 1970s - 1980s


Adult Movie Theater
PussyCat Cinema NYC Times Square


The Grand Pussycat Cinema, an adult movie theater nestled in the heart of New York City's bustling Times Square neighborhood at 1607 Broadway, first opened its doors to moviegoers in 1981. Along with several other adult theaters in the area, it quickly became a sought-after destination for those seeking titillating and risqué entertainment.

Screening a selection of X-rated films, the Pussycat Cinema carved out a reputation for itself as a hub of adult entertainment, attracting a diverse crowd of curious onlookers and seasoned connoisseurs alike. However the City that Never Sleeps began to clamp down on adult theaters like the Grand Pussycat Cinema & Kitty Kat, instituting stricter regulations and enforcement that would ultimately lead to the closure of many of these establishments.

Before Becoming the Grand Pussycat Cinema

Before becoming the Grand Pussycat Cinema, the building was The Trans-Lux West Theater. The Trans-Lux Broadway Theater, designed by the talented Eugene DeRosa, was a quaint little newsreel theater that first opened its doors to the public back in 1936. Nestled on the west side of Broadway, just below the intersection with 49th Street, this cinematic gem was a beloved spot for many moviegoers during its heyday. However, with the advent of television in the mid-1950s, newsreel houses like the Trans-Lux Broadway Theater quickly became obsolete. As a result, the theater made the necessary shift to double features and whatever first-run bookings it could secure.

But the folks at Trans-Lux weren't content with simply resting on their laurels. In December of 1966, the theater underwent a major renovation, helmed by the brilliant architect Drew Eberson. And when it reopened its doors on April 24th, 1967, it did so under a new name: the Trans-Lux West Theater. This revamped cinematic wonder served as a vital link to the Trans-Lux circuit's brand-new Trans-Lux East Theater, which was situated on 3rd Avenue.

Despite Trans-Lux's efforts to book the two theaters simultaneously, the Broadway theater had a decidedly different clientele than its East Side counterpart. Nevertheless, the Trans-Lux West Theater continued to be a cherished destination for movie buffs for many years to come.


Established in 1981
PussyCat Cinema NYC Times Square


Located at 1607 Broadway
PussyCat Cinema NYC Times Square

What Replaced the Grand Pussycat Cinema

 Today, the very same building that once housed the infamous Pussycat Cinema has been given a new lease on life with the Crowne Plaza Times Square (moving its address to 1605 Broadway). Crowne Plaza Times Square is a premier hotel boasting over 750 guest rooms. The hotel features multiple dining options, including an on-site restaurant and lounge, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center and a business center.

However, the theater's legacy lives on as a symbol of the Times Square neighborhood's seedy past and the city's efforts to clean up its image in the late 20th century.

PussyCat Cinema NYC Times Square

Demolished in 1987
PussyCat Cinema NYC Times Square

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