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New York City Lost It's Spark

New York City Lost It's Spark

New York City Lost Its Spark

What Happened to The City I Was Once in Awe of?

When I was younger, I remember New York City being the best place on earth. I always wanted to live there. There wasn't a day that passed that I didn't long to walk the city streets and explore. When I was a college student interning in Midtown Manhattan, the city felt exciting. I mean, it's NYC, "The City That Never Sleeps," "The Big Apple," "The City of Dreams." It had a reputation. Now I feel like it has changed so much.

It feels dull when it was once vibrant. New York has turned into what seems to be a wealthy snobbish city that has become boring and ordinary. It doesn't have that spark it once did. It's turning into another overcrowded city with only wealth on its itinerary.

What happened to the New York I was once in awe of? The city that always had various events to go to. I remember witnessing countless couples getting married, smiling and happy, taking pictures in Central Park. I remember running into celebrities on the street without security, simply because they're from New York and it's home for them too.

A city where you could meet people randomly on the street and grow to be best friends. What happened to the raw, real, and incomparable city that was once the center of the world? New York City made you feel like someone could be anything and do anything. It made you feel like you were on top of the world just because you lived there, and that indescribable feeling... no longer exists.

The people, the noise, the streets, the lights, the buildings, it was all so magical. Now, every time I step into New York City, I feel a sense of emptiness. I feel like everything, and everyone around me is not as real as it once was. There's something missing. The city has developed into a fast pace of emptiness and routine. Everyone seems to be running around like a well-oiled machine, waking up and going to sleep, just to repeat it all over again every day.

People seem to be working just to make money but not to live. Artists are making art, not creating art. Songwriters are writing songs they're being told to rather than creating songs they want to. Writers are writing pieces they were advised to write about instead of writing what they truly want to. Everyone seems to be doing things for the wrong reasons or just to make a profit.

That should never be the main goal. NYC was the only place in the world where you could dream about being anything, and it would be on your own terms. People wouldn't listen to others and become followers. New York-bred leaders used to pave the way for others. Now all that seems to have stayed in the past, and the city looks to have become so cynical and dry. I miss the old New York. It had a sense of simplicity that I wish was still present. The crazy thing is, New York looks the same on the outside looking in, but as a former New Yorker, I just couldn't recognize it anymore.

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