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  • Everything Bagel NYC Story

    The Everything Bagel

    A busy street cart,Serving hot, fresh, Everything,A New York City treat.   I wake up to the sound of the city outside my window. The honking of taxis and the chatter of people on their way to work. It's a...

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  • MTA & NYC Fare Evaision Enforcement

    MTA & NYC Fare Evaision Enforcement

      It doesn't take an economist or social scientist to see the Metropolitan Transit Authority's & NYC fair evasion initiative against public turnstile jumping inordinately targets poor people. It's not like Wall Street bankers and New York Yankees are the...

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  • New York City Lost It's Spark

    New York City Lost It's Spark

    What Happened to The City I Was Once in Awe of? When I was younger, I remember New York City being the best place on earth. I always wanted to live there. There wasn't a day that passed that I...

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  • Carl Schurz Park NYC

    I Love Carl Schurz Park

      Living on the Upper East Side for many years, the park I knew and enjoyed was Central Park. I loved the paths, the reservoir, the green grass, and people-watching. But when I moved to an area of the UES closer...

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