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My Fashion Executive Tinder Date in NYC

Shortly after returning from living in Southern California for many years, I finally began to feel settled back into the Manhattan life I left when I first moved out there.  In those first few months I also began to start using this new dating app everyone was talking about for the first time, Tinder, figuring it would be a great way to meet new people outside my circle of friends and get back into the dating scene.  After some time of match after match after match that ultimately lead nowhere I made a connection with what looked like a very hot fashionista type young woman.  Flirty but not too much so.  Sophisticated and refined yet had some edge.  Interested but didn’t come off like she was ever trying too hard.  And came off genuinely engaging when we started to chat. 

Turns out she was a 30-something native New Yorker with all the pedigree — went to one of the best private schools in Manhattan, her father was the head of the department of a well known hospital in Manhattan and she was an executive in luxury fashion.  Super playful and always responsive, I quickly forgot all the other women I had been communicating with on the app and began to focus on her.  I suggested we meet for a drink and see what happened. Having just got back to the city and the warm summer months, I suggested the McKittrick Hotel thinking if we couldn’t be on the rooftop garden, we could head to the lobby in leu of or after.   We text’d the entire cab rides to the location and when I stepped out she had just walked up to the front. 

McKittrick Hotel nyc

I made a mental note that something was off in her appearance from the way she presented in her profile.  She appeared slightly older but it was subtle and not enough to balk at.  Since the McKittrick was new while I was gone in California, I didn’t realize it wasn’t an actual hotel at all and sadly the roof was only a few days away from opening.  So we left, walked a bit to a gallery on the same street, lingered for a bit and headed out to a real hotel lobby for an ice breaker and drink.  We had a great initial convo and she asked if I wanted to grab a bottle of Rosé and head back to her place.  We stopped at the local liquor store around the corner from her Chelsea apartment before heading up.  Once in her studio on the 16th floor, I noticed an impeccably designed place with white-on-white and high end decor, mirrors, fur rugs, wall-to-wall artwork and appointments.  Small but very nicely done. 

bottle of Rosé

We got comfy on her sofa over glasses of wine and she began to play DJ, putting on all kinds of cool music.  She excused herself for a moment… which began to feel like ages.  She went to her bathroom which also had an adjacent closet behind the door unbeknownst to me and when she emerged, she was wearing barely nothing at all!  She slide over to where I was on the sofa, took the glass out of my hand and sat on top of my lap, facing me, and began to get very playful while she toyed with things like the buttons on my shirt.  Guns N’ Roses Welcome to the Jungle

began playing in the background and amidst the kissing and heated warm up period, we also began to reminisce about 80’s music we loved but didn’t listen to since we were kids.  She asked me if I smoked, I said I quit cigarettes a while ago but will indulge the moment.  She broke out a joint instead and we proceeded to burn it down.  What followed can only be described as a visual IRL demonstration of the Kama Sutra but she kept taking these odd breaks to the bathroom. 

woman doing lines of cocaine

After a few of these I became curious and I got up to peek through the crack between the door and the lit bathroom… she had been doing lines of coke the entire time we had been back to the apartment (and likely at the hotel bar as well) without saying anything.  She heard a noise I had made and closed the door fully saying she would be out in a couple mins.  I quietly put my clothes on, grab my things, downed the remainder of my Whispering Angel and slipped out the door before she reemerged

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