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My Boss Told Me It Was Just the Beginning...

I am a 25 years old sales executive from Williamsburg. I moved to New York from Atlanta, GA. two years ago on work related commitments working for an events management company while at the same time doubling up as a part-time communication specialist. Over the past two years, everything has been amazing but in the last two months, things took a turn for the worst-at least for me.

The first time I heard of the Coronavirus outbreak was back in December 2019 but never made much of it. After all, we have had so many virus outbreaks in the past and the level of devastation was contained just a short period after these outbreaks. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared me for the current situation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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"During the first week of March, we had over 10 events cancelled."

My company deals with event organizing and management. This means that there are a lot of bookings taking place on almost a daily basis. Working in a firm with less than twenty employees, you can hardly fail to notice what happens in almost every department of the firm. With March being one of the months that we get the most bookings for cocktail parties, weddings and corporate event, we experienced a lot of events cancellations towards the end of February.

It was during this period that the news of Covid-19 infections in the US started trickling in. it was also during the same period that we had one of our biggest projects cancelled. During the first week of March, we had over 10 events cancelled. In our crisis meeting, I remember my boss telling me that this was just the beginning. I kept thinking what I would transition into in the event that our company decided to declare some of the staff redundant.

Two weeks ago, we were told that we would be working from home. I was lucky I was not part of the group that was sent on unpaid leave but I have to admit, I am not used to working from home or being indoors a lot. Each day, I wake up looking to execute my duties in the best way possible but the mental and emotional exhaustion takes a toll on me. This is a new frontier for me and sometimes I just don’t know how to handle it. I always try to be positive amidst the crisis and all the negativity that surrounds us.

The announcement by the president that we should brace ourselves for the worst has done little to calm my nerves. Considering what is happening in places such as Italy and Spain, I can’t help but wonder how safe we are even in our own homes. For the first time, I feel like our healthcare system is being tested by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working from home might seem like an amazing idea but once you are stuck in the house for a few days, you realize that it is not that much fun after all. Despite the bleak future, we remain hopeful that things will soon change.

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