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I Just Hope This Coronavirus Isn't Political

Coronavirus First Appearance

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At work I would always brush on trending news stories with my coworkers. Im not crazy about the people that I work with but talking about newsworthy topics has always made things easier. I remember hearing about the Coronavirus that started in Wuhan China and like most of American citizens I did not think much of it. It was one of those stories that you say "Oh how sad" and within seconds look at other news. I mean you care, but you don't care because you are not affected by it. Its something bad happening to a third world country and not the United States. This American way of thinking will ultimately cost the U.S many deaths because we didn't take the virus as seriously as other countries. This is what happens when you live in the number #1 country. Citizens here take everything for granted.

My coworkers, American citizens and myself started taking the Coronavirus more seriously when the stories started developing to the amount of lives this virus have taken. My initial reaction to the Coronavirus even as the stories started becoming more common was that it was something like Ebola, a disease that is so distant from America. Again, I cared, but I didn't care because it did not have a direct affect on me, my life nor has it made its way to the United states. I started becoming a little concern as journalists started reporting that other countries will be getting the virus as well and it will affect these other countries.

Coronavirus the Silent Killer

coronavirus nyc
Two things bothered me the most as i started researching the Coronavirus. The first thing was the simple fact that individuals could have this virus and not show any symptoms for 2 weeks (14 days). The second thing that bothered me was the large amounts of people were dying.To have the virus and not show any symptoms and the fact that many people who had the virus was dying in droves was and still is a scary thing.

I work in Manhattan, New York City in a large building for a large company. Within the building are several other well known companies renting space in the building and I always communicate with a variety of employees. One woman, whom was a Supervisor for a cleaning company said to me "I just hope this Coronavirus isn't political."

From the beginning I was telling different people that I feel like the Coronavirus had some political element to it. I suspected (and still do slightly) that the Coronavirus is a bio-weapon created by either America or China to gain political and economical power but I try to stay away from conspiracy theories. The Supervisor continued explaining "...Think bout it? There is a virus that is going around that is only killing people 55 years old and older."

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