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nyc george floyd protest

Here's How New Yorkers Feel About the #GeorgeFloyd Protest

George Floyd Protest

Editor's Note: Below several New Yorkers voice their opinion about the George Floyd protest that is happening in New York City and all over this country. George Floyd was killed during his arrest, something that is not uncommon to the African American community. The friction between African Americans and police officers all across the United States has been an issue historically. Police brutality have always been a problem in the US, followed by injustice and riots/protests. The New Yorkers voices below are uncensored and unfiltered.


How Many More Deaths Will Occur This Way?

New Yorker - The past couple of weeks in this country and in New York City, of course have been very trying. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was one more episode of police brutality and racism - a white officer who attacks, hurts and too often kills a black person (usually a man). How many more deaths will occur this way? Why? How can anyone live with such hatred; and especially an officer of the law whose work is to serve and protect all of us from acts of crime and teach us (and our children) how to safely and ethically work with all others? Of course, these black men may have committed a crime (or not, or often a minor one) but to take their lives?

peaceful black lives matter protest

Peaceful Black Lives Matter protest

They are fathers and sons and husbands and friends. What is the lesson? How long can whites also sit by and accept such brutality? The protests clearly showed us all how huge this crisis is and how we can’t take it any longer! Most of the protests everywhere were peaceful and the others who looted/rioted were really not part of this struggle.

NYPD Car torched Black lives matter Protest

NYPD van torched in a not-so-peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in NYC


Also, the COVID-19 crisis has heightened the intensity of our needs - of staying home, of losing work, of struggling financially - not to condone that behavior at all but to put it in perspective. Black lives matter - yes all lives matter - but the issue here is that black lives matter just as all lives matter; and when will these citizens be treated at every level like this? Let’s start with our power at the head (ie: The President), and with education, with more resources (housing, etc), with the prison system. I fear the US is broken on so many levels.


#BLM, All Life Matters

Hands Up,  Dont Shoot  African American Girl in BLM Protest

Hands Up,  Dont Shoot  African American girl in a BLM protest

New Yorker - #BLM, all life matters. George Floyd was not a saint; however our social contract did not warrant our government to treat humanity this way. There is too much power given to law enforcement without the same power given to their respective oversight. Systemic racism exists, being an Asian American I grew up with racist gestures thrown at me. I wished there was transparency when I was a victim of racism. I’m a big believer of protest, but I questioned these protests and riots because of COVID19. What happens two weeks down the road when there’s a spike in hospitalization? I believe that these riots are heightened due to the fact that everyone was stuck at home and they’re looking for an excuse to let out their frustrations. Is it worth to put yourself and your families at risk due to COVID? With the digital era, histories from both perspectives are being recorded. This showed George Floyd dying by the knee of PO Chauvin. There is footage of rioting and looting throughout the United States. There is also footage of peaceful officers respecting the protesters and footage of peaceful protests in cities around the world in support of #BLM. This allows instantaneous transparencies and hopefully allows legislation to move swiftly to prevent this type of atrocity from ever happening again. The world is watching and the world is participating.

It is Not a Crime to Be Born Black

BLM Protester

A woman holding up a "Stop Killing Us" sign

New Yorker - When you look at the current cycle of protests in New York and many other states, it was just a matter of time before this happened. But maybe it is not entirely about George Floyd but people who have been trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and anger. Currently, New York as we know it has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic causing a chain reaction characterized by economic slowdown and employment.

All these and a combination of other factors only needed the final catalyst that came in the form of the brutal murder of George Floyd. This is not the first time that we are experiencing a race-related riot. There have been over 150 such riots since 1967. The truth of the matter is that this is also not the last time we shall be experiencing this. While we can admit that this is probably not the best time to be out on the streets, but the anger is evident. People are saying no more.

As we speak, the US has to try and contain the spread of Covid-19 that has led to more than 100,000 deaths. The virus has in fact dis-proportionally affected to a greater extent people of color. And just when we thought the worst was over Floyd’s death was the heartbreaking even that pointed out the senseless killing of African Americans at the hands of the police.

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